Waterless Cookware Companies

There are many companies selling Waterless cookware on the internet today. Some are the authentic sets made by one of the three main cookware factories in North America, but many are what we refer to as ‘knock offs’. These counterfeit sets are usually made in China, but with the handles put on in the US they claim to be American made. The gauge of steel with these sets are inferior and will not last, even though they claim to have lifetime guarantees.


What is the difference between Canadian Cookware Vacumatic cookware and other quality cookware sets such as Salad Master.

Besides price, there is not much difference in quality. Salad Master cookware is made of 316Ti surgical steel and the Vacumatic set is made of a slightly higher grad 316T Stainless Steel with Titanium.

(See the info below on the differences of these metals)

The main difference in cookware, such as Saladmaster, is that it is just Waterless cookware. Cooking waterless is just that. Your using ‘less water’ and slowly steaming your vegetables. Most people are not aware that steam can come to be at a higher temperature than boiling water. It is at this temperature that the minerals and vitamins are affected. When cooking in a vacuum vapor, as with the Vacumatic method of cooking, you’re cooking at a much lower temperature thus retaining all of the vitamins and minerals. (See below for more info on this)

These are some of the benefits that make Vacumatic superior to cookware like Saladmaster or any other cookware in the world:

  • True 7 ply construction all the way to the top
  • Heat conducting inner cores along the bottom and up to the edge
  • 316T surgical steel with Titanium
  • Full 50-year warranty
  • Three way ‘Whistle Vent’ (whistle tone, steam or lock)
  • Warp-resistant bottoms
  • Removable ovenproof Bakelite handles
  • ‘Sure Grip’ handles designed for safety
  • Hanging ring on end of long handle
  • Side handle with every utensil
  • Full wrap-around flame guards (ideal for gas stoves)
  • Self storing lids
  • Lid can serve as a hot plate for the pot
  • Stack cooking
  • Save up to 70% on energy
  • More pieces to choose from than any other company
  • Design your own set
  • Factory direct prices
  • and more…

Difference between 304T and 316T steel

304T has 18 parts chrome and 10 parts nickel.
With the Titanium, this metal is 92 on the Rockwell hardness scale.

316 has 17 parts chrome and 12 parts nickel with 2 parts molybdenum and is 95 on the Rockwell hardness scale. However, we do not use molybdenum in our composition.

When either of these two metals are used in the manufacturing of cookware, there would be no significant difference in the course of use over a lifetime. Both are ideal.

Click HERE for more details info on the differences between 304 and 316 steel.

Applications for 316 steel

    • Typical applications include:
    • Food preparation equipment particularly in chloride environments.
    • Laboratory benches & equipment.
    • Coastal architectural paneling, railings & trim.
    • Boat fittings.
    • Chemical containers, including for transport.
    • Heat Exchangers.
    • Woven or welded screens for mining, quarrying & water filtration.
    • Threaded fasteners.
    • Springs.

Source: Atlas Steels Australia

What is the Difference between Waterless Cookware and Vacumatic Waterless Cookware?

Waterless cookware is a system of slowly steaming your vegetables without boiling out the flavor and color. (Steam comes to 100 Celsius or higher)

Vacumatic cookware is a process of cooking your vegetables in a vacuum vapor. By doing so you are cooking below the boiling point  at only 74 Celsius/165 Fahrenheit, thereby retaining all of the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, natural color and taste.

    Some of the features necessary to cook Vacumatically are:
  • Vapor seal to create a partial vacuum
  • Vac-Controle valve to allow the steam to escape and lock
  • Heat conducting inner core along bottom and up the side to the rim

Without these features cooking Vacumatically in a vacuum vapor would not be possible.

Here are some quotes from a Salad Master dealer who believes her cookware cooks in a vacuum and thus does the same thing. Click HERE

Go HERE for more details.


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