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Why do we have three lines of cookware?

Even at factory direct prices not everyone can afford the Vacumatic as it is the highest quality on this planet.
We have searched the globe for higher quality and today the USA still makes the best quality cookware.
The PL Line was introduced as a set more affordable, and yet still better quality than most sets you will find made for direct sales.

The difference between the PL Line, Vacumatic and Carl Weill:


  • 316Ti surgical steel with titanium
  • Full 7-ply to the top
  • Best handle design
  • Vacuum cooking with Tri-whistle vent
  • 50 year factory warranty


  • 304Ti surgical steel
  • 5-ply with thermal base
  • 2 setting whistle vent
  • 25 year warranty


  • 304 surgical steel
  • Import
  • One-ply sides with thermal base
  • Regular waterless cooking (not vacuum)
  • 5 year warranty

The Vacumatic cookware is very expensive even at factory direct prices, but if the set can save you up to $1000.00 a year in electricity and food costs, then the only people paying for it are the ones who don’t own it. From over five million satisfied customers of Vacumatic cookware we are very proud to point out there is not one complaint or dissatisfied customer on the internet.