Vacumatic Cookware

 Over the last 60 years that Vacumatic cookware has been manufactured in the USA, the factory has continued to perfect the set in every way possible.

Every time anyone could think of a way to make it better, or if a client had an objection, the factory would go back to the drawing board and improve on it.

If you locked me in a room and said I could not come out until I could think of a way to make the cookware better, I would never get out.

Here is a list of all the 51 features and benefits starting from the bottom of the pan.

  • Warp resistant bottom. (no ‘rock n role’ on the ceramic style stove tops)
  • Spun bottom finish. (will not slide off the burner if hit)
  • Diamond buffed finish. (each pan has been buffed multiple times to give the outer side of pan a mirror finish)
  • Bakelite handles. (oven proof up to 400 degrees Celsius – 750 Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe)
  • Handles can’t burn. (many clients would have lost their home had the handles not been flame proof)
  • Electrically welded so no handle rivets (no bacteria build up on inside rivet bolts. No possibility of leaking).
  • Four weld spots for each handle rivet (Extra strength)
  • Square handle rivets. (if screw gets loose the pot won’t twist and thus no chance of boiling contents burning you)
  • Removable handles (handles come off with a simple screwdriver),.
  • Sure grip handles (the handles are like a gun handle and will never slip out of the hand. There is a place for your thumb and forefinger).
  • Exchangeable handles (some clients prefer two short handles. Easy to remove or replace).
  • Second handles (this cookware is not light, so a second handle is a treat and cuts the weight in half).
  • Full wrap around Flame Guards (flame guards are about one inch long and wrap the handle completely. Perfect for gas stoves).
  • Slide in hanging ring (a ring on end of handle if you want to hang your pan for a California style kitchen).
  • Self storing lids (the set stacks like Lego. Almost a full set can store under the stove in the warming drawer).
  • Snug fit lids (when you hang the pan the lid does not fall out – all the weight is on the inside).
  • Vapor Seal (the edge of the pan dips down like a moat and as moisture builds the water forms the seal needed).
  • Drip free edge (don’t know how they figured this one out but when you pour from the pan the liquid does not drip down the side of the pan).
  • Spun inside finish (the inside has a mat spun finish so that should you use a metal blender to mash up your potatoes you won’t see scratches).
  • Non porous finish (wipes clean with just warm soapy water).
  • Special ‘Whistle Vent’ to notify you when to turn off the heat (a soft whistle sound to prevent you from ever burning anything).
  • Tri-whistle knob settings (the whistle vent has 3 settings. Regular steam for soups, stews, sauces and meats; Whistle setting for Vacumatically cooking the vegetables; and Lock position to close the lid to create the vacuum)
  • Use one eighth of the normal electricity (set will pay for itself in a couple of years just on electricity. Only use a quarter energy for vegetables and one sixteenth for meats and roast).
  • Cooks off the stove.. (when doing vegetables, as soon as the whistle goes off you can remove the pan and utilize the hot burner for meats or something else).
  • Automatic cooking (no pot watching re once you close the vent and turn off the stove the vegetable cook on their own in that vacuum vapor and even if you go back an hour later they will still be hot and perfect).
  • No over cooking (with the heat off the cooking process stops after 10 minutes, then they just maintain warmth)
  • No burning or over cooking (again, you can’t burn anything if the burner is off).
  • No pot watching (you don’t have to waste time going back every few minutes to stab the veggies to see if they’re dead yet. It’s like automatic cooking) Note. If you break the seal just reheat the pan till it whistles again then turn off the heat and lock down the lid again. No harm done.
  • Stack cooking (as the heat conducting inner core transfers the heat along the bottom and all the way up the sides, the heat can carry on to the pan placed on top).
  • No sticking and burning (because of the 7 plies and perfect heat distribution there are no ‘hot spots’ which causes most sticking and burning. Wipes clean with hot soapy water).
  • Induction ready (Vacumatic was the first cookware to be made for the future magnetic Induction stove tops. We actually added a full layer of magnetic Ferritic steel inside so that it would be most effective on Induction cooking ranges).
  • Set will pay for itself in just a few years (Only use a fraction of electricity, saving you over 70% on electricity).
  • Wipes clean with soapy water so saves time.
  • No oils or butters needed to fry.
  • (Here is where I can go on for many pages. In short, no oils needed to fry. No vitamins lost cooking at lower temperatures. Zero metal oxides entering your foods.)
  • Retains vitamins, minerals, natural color, flavors and taste (whether you boil, steam, fry or microwave your vegetables, once the temperature reaches the boiling point there is loss in vitamins, minerals enzymes, nutrients and minerals. ONLY cooking Vacumatically can you retain all the natural goodness of your vegetables).
  • No meat shrinkage (on average a 5-pound roast can shrink 1 to 2 pounds in the oven. Can be embarrassing sometime when entertaining and the roast looks tiny. With our method on top of stove the roast will shrink 1 to 2 ounces).
  • Built to last a lifetime. (Full 50 year warranty) Note. A warranty is only as good as the company behind it. The factory has been around since 1874. One of the oldest and most respected manufactures of the worlds highest quality cookware.
  • Over 5 million people have invested into Vacumatic cookware over the last 50 years and you will not find one single complaint on the internet about this cookware. We are very proud of all this and have worked very hard to make sure all of our clients are satisfied for life. See our testimonial page at:
  • Highest quality 316-Ti surgical stainless steel with Titanium (zero metal oxides entering your food).
  • 100% made in North America right down to the screws. (keep the jobs in America)

If this cookware can save about $1,000.00 a year in electricity, food costs and time, then your current set is indirectly costing you this.

I heard a great line from one of our reps. ‘The only people paying for their cookware are the ones that don’t own ours.’

I have had my Vacumatic set for over 45 years. A few years ago, I took my family to Florida and we rented a nice fully equipped condo. For the first time in ages, I got to cook in regular stainless steel pots. I could not believe it. I ruined a lot of food. Things were burning in the middle and still runny on the sides. Once you use the Vacumatic system of cooking you will never be able to go back to conventional cooking and cheap cookware. There are some things you just don’t want to go cheap on.

Then there is the health of yourself and your family. Try the Soda Test. This is where you take your favorite pan, add a cup of water and a tablespoon of baking soda. Let the water boil for 5 minutes. Then taste just one drop of the water. You will be so disgusted from the taste of the toxic metal oxides that you will wish you had surgical steel with titanium all your life.

A few years ago, I had a Nutritionist tell me that you get more nutrition and vitamins from vegetables cooked Vacumatically than if you ate them raw. I asked her to explain how that was possible. She said, ‘ever notice when you eat corn and go to the bathroom the next day the corn comes out mostly intact? Most root vegetables do not fully break down in the digestive track and unless you’re a cow and will chew it for 5 minutes many chunks just go through. But, if you cook them just enough so that they are soft enough to fully digest, but at the same time did not use high heat to damage the nutrition, your body will assimilate all of the nutritional value of that vegetable.’ I think only juicing can give you more vitamins, but who wants to only juice all their veggies?

If this cookware can pay for itself in a few years on electricity, food savings and time, then this is an investment that just makes sense.

Vacumatic Cookware is very expensive (even wholesale), but medical attention has a far higher cost, and is far more expensive.

We are what we eat.

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