BKI Premium Alkaline RO




System Benefits :

6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System.
75 Gallons per Day.
5 micron Polypropylene spun filtration for silt, dirt, rust, turbidity and iron removal.

Enalka cartridge to raise alkalinity level to 7.3 and eliminate acidity.

10 micron carbon block VOC chemical removal filter to eliminate chlorine, THM’s and taste and odour.
0.5 micron Doulton ceramic for bacterial removal.
High purity thin film composite Reverse Osmosis membrane that removes volatile chemicals, sodium’s, pesticides etc.
Premium leadfree ceramic disc designer drinking water faucet.
5 gallon high purity composite pressure holding tank.
Inline post polishing filtration for taste and odour removal
Removes the following contaminants:
Chlorine, THM’s, PCB’s, Pesticides, all volatile chemicals, TCE’S, Copper and lead, Cryptosporidium Parasites, Guardia Parasites and many others.

Pure water drinking water systems from CanAm Wellness feature reverse osmosis membrane technology, to provide you with water as it was intended to be, just H2O. Harmful chemicals are removed. Everyone will taste the difference the Premium Alkaline  reverse osmosis systems makes as the water is alkaline and not acidic.

50 year double lifetime *conditional warranty

Start now with a CanAm Wellness Reverse Osmosis system and receive refreshing water, crystal clear ice cubes and better tasting coffee, tea and fruit drinks.
To remove bacterial contamination we utilize the Doulton washable ceramic cartridge.

CanAm Wellness RO drinking water systems feature high quality membrane technology that produces purified drinking water that will not produce acidic water. These Reverse Osmosis systems remove 10% to 20% more contaminants than most systems. High quality, pure, and great tasting water with high capacity from CanAm Wellness Water Systems … whenever you want it.

Begin your day risk-free with pure water and a healthy diet.
Because everyone deserves pure drinking water.


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