Cartridge Replacements

We have many more cartridges available. Call us and we will be able to provide you with any cartridge you need. 1-877-523-7800

Why wait till your cartridge has past the expiry date. Take out the guess work and let us contact you when your cartridge is due. Click HERE to register for our AUTOSHIP program where you save another 10% off the sale price.

Click Here to watch a video clip on how to wash the cartridge. Please remember if you have an undercounter unit always open the filter faucet first so to release pressure.

We have looked into cartridges made in China as they are one tenth of the price. It was tempting. We ordered different ones in and put them to a test.

We then broke them open to have a closer look. We then determined that these would cost much more in the long run. They break easy and clients would complain about chlorine taste long before the cartridge should have expired.

Since we can’t trust the materials used in manufacturing and since the water test we performed on them were not impressive, I would not personally want to drink from this cartridge. Therefor I don’t want my friends, family and clients doing it either.

Sometimes I run into clients who will find a similar replacement cartridge online for less money.

The problem is in the shipping. Inside our cartridges is a solid carbon block. If the cartridge is shipped without a lots of packing material the carbon rod can crack and there is no way to tell, as it is inside. We also order our cartridges by pallet, thus minimizing any chance of breakage. We then inspect each cartridge closely and wrap them in special packaging to ensure it is prefect when is arrives to you. We also warranty our products. This extra care is worth an extra few dollars.

There are two ways to get your replacement cartridge for free.

Before the internet the only way we ever advertised was through word of mouth. Our client base kept us going by telling friends and family about our exceptional quality, prices and service. We would then pay them a generous referral fee which would motivate them to tell even more people about out great products.

If you know anyone who is health conscience and should they buy from us because of you, we will either give you 5% cash or 10% of the sale in products which you can use towards your cartridge purchase.

The other way is through the purchase of another CanAm Wellness product. We will double the discount to use towards any other product. For example, if the discount on a bedroom air purifier is 100.00, we could instead of the 100.00 off give you 200.00 in free anything. This can be applied to cartridges or anything else you feel could benefit your health.

Click HERE to find out why it is important to replace your filter cartridge every one to two years.

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