Learn How Alkaline Water Can Help You Live A Healthy Lifestyle!

Restore a Healthy Balance

The body prefers an alkaline balance. Diet and stress causes acids to build up in the body, resulting in weight gain and contributing to health problems.

    Alkaline water can help:

  • Neutralize acidity
  • Support pH balance
  • Maintain strong bones
  • Promote healthy weight loss

Natural Detoxification

A healthy body produces enzymes that provide natural detoxification. Toxins and oxidative acids break those enzymes down.

    Alkaline water detoxification:

  • Provides powerful antioxidants
  • Binds to toxins
  • Optimizes detoxification enzymes

Powerful Hydration

Ordinary water molecule clusters are very large. The body has to break them down before they can be absorbed.

    Alkaline ionized water is microclustered – large molecule clusters are broken down:

  • Easier to absorb
  • Cells hydrate quickly
  • Improves athletic hydration and recovery

The city or town you live in makes sure that your water is more alkaline than acidic, as this will protect the infrastructure of all the water mains from corroding.

Then if you run your water through a re-mineralizing cartridge or a 6 stage ceramic it will bring the pH level to an even healthier level.