Enalka Alkality Filter



The Enalka Filter is an ultra clean white granular media, 100% environmentally safe.

Our Enalka filter has a clear filter housing that is 2” diameter x 10” long, both ends of the filter housing have ¼” NPT connections. In each filter there is 3 lbs of Enalka media.

The Enalka clear filter housing is rated for 100psi operating pressure.

pH Sample Before Enalka After Enalka
Distilled water 5.8 7.1
Reverse Osmosis water 6.0 7.3
Calcium Content :
Distilled water <0.5 mg/l 7.1 mg/l
Reverse Osmosis water <0.5 mg/l 8.4 mg/l
Results from laboratory analysis:
Contaminant Result Acceptable Limit
Salmonella Non-detect 1 ppm
Ecoli Petrifilm Non-detect 3 ppm
Mold Petrifilm Non-detect 5 ppm
Total Coliform Non-detect 3 ppm
Magnesium 2.5% N/A
Lead Non-detect 1 ppm
Arsenic Non-detect 0.02 ppm
Mercury Non-detect 0.02 ppm
Calcium 40.4% N/A
Taste/Odour Neutral
Particle Size 10 – 30 mesh
Bulk Density 1.3 – 1.5 g/ml
Sterilization Process Ozone Vacuum Process

If you already have a reverse osmosis sytem then you would be wise to add the Enalka remineralizing cartridge to it.

Just click it on the top and plug in the hoses. Very simple to to attach to your exsisting RO system to make the water 10 times less acidic.

Can be added to any water treatment system to raise the pH.

The Coral Calcium in the Enalka cartridge (Premium Blend) is formulated with certified Okinawan Marine-Grade Coral Calcium. Along with calcium, magnesium is needed to properly maintain the cardiovascular system and only Marine Coral Calcium maintains the perfect calcium/maganesium ratio of 2:1.

Sometimes known as “The King of Minerals,” the Enalka Coral Calcium is a premium blend containing the highest form of marine-grade coral calcium and provides various natural-based minerals that other coral calcium products do not offer.

• Helps maintain a healthy skeletal system.
• Contains the highest-quality form of Okinowan marine-grade coral calcium.
• Assists in regulating pH levels.
• Supports the cardiovascular system and protects the immune system

Key Ingredient