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Muller Cookware

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The original Kochtopfhaus Muller Waterless Cookware


Europe's best quality cookware

Saving on time and energy


1,200 tons of pressure is used to affix the 'Accuthermal' compact-base to the bottom of our thermo cookers. This compact base is the key to MULLER's energy-saving method. Made of several light metal alloys, it enhances head conductivity so that heat is evenly distributed and stored.


This engineering feature enable food to be cooked on a low setting and in less time than traditional cookware increasing energy saving up to 70%!


Of of the major advantages of MULLER's unique cooking system is that different cooking units can be stacked in order to cook multiple dishes using only one burner or hot plate.



The thermal base allows food to be cooked on a low setting and in less time than traditional cookware increasing energy saving up to 70%!



304 Surgical Stainless Construction

The Surgical Stainless Steel in the Muller cookware contains about 18% chromium and 10% nickel in addition to the iron. The popularity of surgical stainless steel is due to its gleaming appearance which lasts for the life of a product with just an occasional cleaning.

Its excellent corrosion resistance is due to an invisible, passive oxide film that forms on the metal's surface in air.
Hospitals use surgical stainless steel because it can be kept clean and sterile.


Vitamin and Mineral Retention

There is Only a 2% Average Vitamin and Mineral Loss with The Steam Control System'sT Method of Cooking. That means a 98% Nutrient Retention with our 304 Surgical Stainless Steel.

Compare these numbers to a 58% Retention when boiling in water using regular cookware. By using the normal way of cooking, in regular cookware, you lose 42% of the vitamins and minerals you and your family depend on for health.

The chart below is based on the average percentage of mineral losses for all vegetables from the "University of Wisconsin, Journal of Home Economics, Vol. 17, No.5" *Ref.: Paul R. McCann, Food Specialist, Author of the book "The Science of Nutrition"


Mineral Regular Cooking Pressure Cooking Waterless Cooking
Mineral Regular Cooking Pressure Cooking Waterless Cooking
Iron 48.9% 17.4% 2%
Calcium 31.0% 12.0% 2%
Phosphorus 46.4% 19.4% 2%
Magnesium 44.7% 21.1% 2%


Beware of the 'Knock-offs'. There are companies on the internet selling Muller cookware from China. These counterfeit sets look the same and have similar packaging.

Beware that it is not the same quality or the same gauge of steel.



Muller 13 piece set (everything you will ever need in a cookware set)


Retail 1799.00

Special factory price 595.00



Muller manufactures cookware for many companies.

Below is a YouTube video demonstrating how to cook a cake, roast and vegetables all on one burner.





Far superior to any cookware available in stores


muller 6 quart stock pot