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silver food cutter

Kitchen Machine

(Food Cutter)

Silver Grey


Our  Kitchen Machine  Manual Food Processor is a precision engineered food cutter. It's a simple-to-use kitchen tool that allows you to grate, shred, slice, waffle cut, French cut, Julienne, chop, and peel, all types of foods including vegetables, fruits, crackers, cheese, hard sausage, and various cooked meats. Colors available are Silver Grey Metallic, black onyx and white.


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Designed, perfected and manufactured in North America. This manually operated food cutter is easy to turn and gives you complete control over the speed of the machine and the size of the processed pieces of food. It features a heavy, non-toxic powder coat base, hopper and handle. All cones are 18-8 stainless steel for years of beauty and constant use, and will not stain or rust. Our exclusive Delran bushing will not rust, corrode, swell in the dishwasher or seize up. Your food cutter performs multitudes of time and labor-saving operations. It prepares foods for cooking, precision cuts vegetables for salads and decorative garnishes, and quickly prepares foods for baby or special diets. You'll find Many Uses for Your Kitchen “Salad” Machine food cutter, and with a little practice, a multitude of new ideas will unfold.


It comes complete with five (5) surgical stainless steel cutting blades. These Cutting Cone blades will perform over 240 different cutting operations in the kitchen. It retails for the price of a good pop-up toaster, yet it will do the job of electric food processors that sell for well over $350 to $500.  Food Guide and Recipe/Instruction book included.

black food cutter


To attach to any clean smooth surface, turn the suction lever from left to right... To loosen from work surface, turn lever from front to back (or right to left), and the suction cup will release. To Attach Cutting Cones… Hold the open end of the cone in your left hand; place the center hole of the cone blade on the center pin of the clutch disk. Turn the handle clockwise to engage clutch lugs in six holes of cone blade. Place bowl directly under the slicing cone to catch food. To Remove Cone Blades… Hold open end of cone blade firmly in left hand being careful to avoid sharp cutting edges, and turn handle counterclockwise.

food cutter guide


Food Guide… The Food Guide has been designed to make cutting easier, enabling you to make perfect cuts of fruits and vegetables while eliminating waste. It can be used with all cones, but is especially recommended to be used when slicing with the #4 Slicer and the #5 Waffle cutting cones. Attach the Food Guide to the Kitchen Machine by sliding it onto the hopper until is securely fastened (see video). To remove, slide the guide toward you. Do not twist or pull Food Guide upward. To ensure even cuts, guide the food directly into the cutting cone, holding it upright and perpendicular to the cutting cone, resting the food on the front edge of the Food Guide. Exert a slight downward pressure as you turn the handle at a consistent speed.  Larger vegetables and fruits can be cut effective without using the food guide, as follows.

white food cutter


Product Features:

  • Manufactured and Assembled with pride in America
  • 5 Stainless Steel Cutting Cones, not chrome plated like imitations and look-a-likes
  • Single base construction
  • Wide Mouth Hopper
  • Long-lasting Synthetic Rubber Suction Cup
  • Extra long handle for ease of use
  • Slip-on Food Guide
  • FDA Approved
  • Color-Safe for food processing
  • 8lbs, 9.5”H with 5”X”5 square base, takes up very little room. Accommodates up to 6.5” high bowl
  • 10 Year Warranty

chrome food cutter



We also carry the Simple Kut food cutter.


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